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  • Performance by BV Symphony during 43rd State Conference

  • Cultural Programme by BV Students during 43rd State Conference

  • Prof. Anil Kumar and State dignitaries with BV Children

  • Vedic prayer by BV Children of Angul during 43rd State Conference

  • Performance of BV Children mesmorised the audience

  • Memorial Awards to Excellent BV Centres and Group-3 Students

  • Little Buds of Angul offering Kabali before Bhagawan.



About Bal Vikas

�Present day education develops the intellect and skills but does very little to develop good qualities. Of what avail is all the knowledge in the world, if one does not have good character? It is like water going down the drain, there is no use if knowledge grows while desires multiply. It makes one a hero in words and a zero in action.� - Baba

Children's minds are innocent and pure. Each child is like white marble for the teacher and the parents to sculpt into an image of God, a bud to be helped to blossom in all its Divine glory so that it becomes a worthy offering to God. Sri Sathya Sai Bal Vikash (SSS-BV), the programme of Education in Human Values (EHV), has proved to be the ray of hope for the future as it promotes that each child is unique, unrepeatable and creative being and when treated as such, learns to recognize his or her own worth and to give respect to all.


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